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We at TrueVision Microscopes believe that the world of knowledge is before us. We encourage you, ourselves, and our children to take interest in the mystery of science and to seek the truth. The advent of the microscope has allowed humans to view a hidden microscopic world and has opened a new era in the dawn of human knowledge and understanding.

TrueVision Microscopes is your one stop source for high quality microscopy equipment. We carry a huge selection of microscopes for most any application. Our line of high power biological microscopes are useful for medical laboratories, medical students, clinical applications, and microbiology studies. Many can be fitted with phase contrast for viewing live unstained biological specimens. Our low power stereo microscopes are used for dissecting, coin collecting, stamp collecting, entomology and insect identification. Look at our full line of stereoscopic boom mounted microscopes for circuit board repair, document examination, and engraving. We also have more specialized microscopes. Search our line of metallurgical microscopes for use with semiconductor examination, metallic grain structure, and metallurgy applications. Our line of ore microscopes provides polarized light for opaque mineral geological specimens. Use our transmitted light polarizing microscopes with Bertrand lens for use with thin sections of rocks and minerals. Our epi fluorescence microscopes with dichroic fluorescence filters are useful for green fluorescence protein, cellular biology and molecular biology.

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Discounted from actual price below.
Price: $ 3,199.98
Model: tv0080000m
Shipping/Handling/Insurance: $ 79.98

USB computer connected 3Mpixel camera is included. Laptop is not included.

Product Overview //
  • High Power Forensic Comparison Trinocular Microscope!
  • Great for crime laboratories where comparison of biological forensic evidence is examined under high power compound light microscopes.
  • Image of both forensic specimens is compared side by side in a split screen. The divider line is movable so either left or right side microscope image can be fully viewed or partially viewed. If partially viewed, the other side’s image appears. So image can be 100 percent of left, 100 percent of right, or any fraction. The dividing bridge optics has the unique ability to reverse the left and right image, so the left scope’s image is on the right of viewing field, and right is on the left. Also, the divider line is clean and with no thickness. Other forensic comparison scopes have a thick divider line obstructing the comparison process. This forensic comparison microscope gives the cleanest division between images that we have seen.
  • Perfect for crime scene investigation and forensic science educational classes!
  • Forensically analyze and compare textile fibers, hair, dried paint, and various biological specimens on slides.
  • Each side of the unit is a fully functional microscope, with the ability to independently set the magnification and illumination.
  • The illumination source is contained in the base of each microscope and provides transmitted illumination to the forensic specimen.

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Discounted from actual price below.
Price: $ 2,619.98
Model: tv047d000m
Shipping/Handling/Insurance: $ 94.98

USB computer connected 3Mpixel camera is included. Laptop is not included.

Product Overview //
  • Professional Grade Large Upright Trinocular Metallurgical – Metallographic Microscope!
  • Perfect for Detailed Examination and Micro-Analysis of a Metallic Surface!
  • Extra Large – Heavy Duty Frame and Stage for Professional Use.
  • Super Sized Stage with Large Travel Distance: 11 Inches (X-Direction) x 11 Inches (Y-Direction).
  • Perfect for Analyzing Large Specimens (such as silicon wafers) as the Large Stage Travel allows specimen to be viewed without needing to continually relocate specimen on stage as would be needed for scopes with small travel.
  • Upright Design (Objectives Above the Stage).
  • Stationary Fixed Stage. The Head moves up and down to focus, but the Stage remains in a fixed position. Contact us for details about our other version with moving stage and fixed head.
  • Obtain Highly Magnified Images of Surface Structure.
  • Excellent for a Variety of Industrial and Research Applications including Metallurgical Labs, Silicon Wafer Inspection, Industrial Inspection – Quality Control, and Foundries!
  • Great Quality Imaging at a Super Low Price!
  • Compare to Similar Units costing Thousands More with name brands!
  • Advanced Epi-Illumination Design provides Maximum Lighting for Optimal Image Clarity.
  • Light Travels Through the Objective, Reflects off Object’s Surface, and goes Back Into Objective!
  • Polarizing System: Includes capability for both cross polarization and plane polarization with the included polarizer and analyzer. Other scopes may have a simple plane polarizer, but don’t include the advanced analyzer necessary to obtain cross polarization.

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Discounted from actual price below.
Price: $ 154.98
Model: tv0033000m
Shipping/Handling/Insurance: $ 19.98

Product Overview //
  • Shop Measuring Microscope for Field Use.
  • Simple to use and Easy to transport.
  • Incredible Low Price.

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