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Discounted from actual price below.
Price: $ 154.98
Model: tv0033000m
Shipping/Handling/Insurance: $ 19.98

Product Overview //

  • Shop Measuring Microscope for Field Use.
  • Simple to use and Easy to transport.
  • Incredible Low Price.

View biological specimens with this compound light microscope.
Bonus slide kit: blank slides, blank cover slips, and prepared slides for immediate viewing.

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Photo Thru 10x Eyepiece
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Photo Thru 10x Eyepiece
Clear View of Reticle
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Special Features
  • Measuring Reticle Built into Eyepiece.
  • Reticle Specs: 10mm length subdivided into 100 divisions, 0.1mm Resolution on the Reticle (not actual resolution of the scope).
  • Actual Measuring Specs: Each reticle division represents 0.01 mm actual true size when viewed through the scope eyepiece. For example, if a scratch on the surface of your specimen is 18 reticle markings wide, then that represents 0.18 mm (18 x 0.01mm) wide scratch.
Magnification and Eyepieces
  • Fixed Magnification: 100x (10x Eyepiece, 10x Objective).
Illumination Details
  • Battery Operated Pen Light (Uses 2 AA Batteries, Not Included).
  • The Pen Light is Adjustable, and on an Angle to Provide Maximum Lighting Efficiency and Minimum Glare.
  • Focusing Knobs Raise and Lower the Scope and Objective.
  • Focusing Travel Distance: 35mm.
  • Field of View: 1.7 mm. This is the Actual Distance Across Your Eyepiece Viewing Diameter. For example, a 1.7mm long specimen will completely fill your viewing area. Note: photos taken through the eyepiece cut the field of view since a CCD Camera has a smaller field of view than a human eye.
Included Items
  • Comes with Carrying Case with Precut Foam Padding.
Additional Information
  • Manufactured under ISO: 9001 Standards.
  • Protective Molded Styrofoam Container.
  • Precision Ground Glass Lens.
  • Quality Construction, Metal Frame.
  • 100% Brand New!
Product Warranty
  • Warranty! The Quality of the product is Assured! You are covered by a 5 Year Warranty on microscope equipment!
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